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Good Anvil and appropriate price

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I am not the most knowledgeable person on anvils here by far. But I think unless someone recognizes the makers mark we need more information to go off of in order to give an accurate estimate. Do you have any other information on the anvil? Perhaps a weight? Brand? Serial Number, if you are lucky?

It looks like the body of the anvil is cast iron and the face is plate steel welded on.


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Hello Shanda, and welcome to I Forge Iron.

If you put your general location on the into your profile, the members will be more able to answer your questions, as anvil values vary widely depending upon location.

I agree with Brian, it does not appear to be gem quality from where I am sitting.

Let the more knowledgeable come forth and render a more qualified assessment.


Robert Taylor


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9 minutes ago, Shanda said:

Thanks for the welcome! It is a Columbian anvil and that is about all I happen to know...unfortunately!


Someone here seems to think that is a good brand.

The one you show seems to be on the smaller side and the stand seems pretty tall and I cant see any way to adjust the height. You usually want the face of the anvil a height between your knuckles and your first joint on your finger. So keep in mind you may have to change the stand.

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I personally wouldn't spend much more than 200 USD on that anvil I estimate it between 50 and 80 lbs (if it weighs more it would be worth more), but again I am not the best person to appraise the value of the anvil.

If you do decide to pursue this anvil further I have some recommendations:

Test the bounce with a smaller hammer (the more bounce it has the better of an anvil it is, usually cast iron does not have the best bounce, to do this you take a smaller sized hammer and pinch the end of the handle and let it drop onto the anvil so it swings by force of gravity)

when you do the bounce test make sure that you can live with hearing that noise a lot (From what I understand Columbian anvils can be loud)

Make sure that there are no fractures or cracks in it anywhere especially in the area where the face plate is welded onto the body of the anvil (cast iron can be brittle)

if you decide to get it do not grind on the face plate of the anvil even if there are dents and divots, it will wear down eventually.


If money is tight I would recommend finding an ASO (anvil shaped object) this is a large chunk of steel that has a flat face and good rebound.

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Definitely a columbian; definitely a good brand of anvil, size is a consideration as well as cost; you may want to research the TPAAAT method of finding anvils that people are not trying to wring the top price out of at auction.

Note that that is an anvil that should ring if tapped with a hammer but that horrible stand may be muting the ring if it's firmly attached to it.

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