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Have most of my parts gathered for a forging press. 5hp high torq motor, 2200 psi vane pump, 5in bore 14in stroke cylinder, and a valve. 

Have been planning on building a uncle all's type press and have all the metal to build but with the 14in cylinder will make the bottom die over 50in from the floor.

My question is which press type has the best combination of durability, versatility, and usability. Of the uncle all's design, c frame or h frame.

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I have a top down H frame. I’ve never used a bottom up setup but can’t imagine I would like it when I would need to guide both my material and a top tool. In that scenario I would prefer my work to remain stationary.  C frames afford better access to the dies than a narrow H frame. A wide H frame does work well.   How ever, they must constructed well to eliminate flex.  Uncle Al’s setup looks sweet, but 50in is pretty high. Is there another cylinder that would allow you to utilize that configuration with a lower die height?

Have you any time on different types of presses? Might be a good idea before you strike an arc.

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