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Some ID help for this vise ?


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 Does anybody know what would be the advantage of a vise where the back jaw moves back by turning the handle ?[ like this one does]

It seems that it would be much less useful in not being able to put a long piece vertically without hitting the bench.

There was some´discussion on these vises over on  the vise thread at garagejournal  and it was suggested that these were useful in confined spaces where  there wasn't room for a conventional forward opening vise, like in a submarine.

Cool vise regardless, I want one!

Is the thread on the screw a reverse thread ?

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Tight spaces in the personal area? As you mention. Met a guy working in a shed fairly recently and he had one. For the right needs in the right place I'm sure it's invaluable. Very cool vise. Deffinately on my list to find for the right price. :) I'm sure others know more. It's just what I was told. 

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