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Anyone in Central Illinois?

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Hi Everyone,

If there is anyone in Central Illinois (I'm in Champaign), I have a job for you. I need a gentle bend (about a 6 inch radius) put into a piece of 3/4" square 1018 steel. I don't have a forge yet and don't have a torch big enough to heat a piece that thick. Come to think of it, I don't have anything to bend it around either. Any help would be much appreciated.


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Stuart Look at the blueprint BP0121 Vise Bending Forks - Dick Sargent for an idea then enlarge it to your fit your size problem. Bending 3/4 inch square cold can be a chore, but if you just put the metal in a campfire, you can get it hot and make it work much easier. It is ready to bend when it is red on toward orange in colour. Practice on smaller steel first.

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Hornluv, I know some folks from over your way but exactly where, I'm not sure. I'm gonna post a link. http://www.illinoisblacksmith.org/ I suspect that these folks can help you find what you are wanting but there may also be a connection for you to make here on Glenns site. Either way you should be able to get fixed up. I'm in southeast Iowa myself
( Bloomfield ) but that is pretty good ways off from you.

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