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oil vs. grease on a spring hammer

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I've just got my hands on an old mechanical hammer.

All the main bearings are fitted with grease nipples.

On a different, and very very old hammer, all the main bearings were fitted with wick oilers/cups.

Grease always seemed to me a nice thing to catch and trap dust, grit, soot and other nasties.

Is there consensus on whether oil or grease is better on particular bearings? Or all?

The late, great G. Sarver says, somewhere on these forums, 30wt oil for everything, and he was a man who new what he was about.

Your thoughts, hints, tips…?

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There is a triple zero "000" grade of grease that is like a thick oil that you can use in a grease gun.  It's used for dusty and gritty environments.  Just as you mentioned a heavy grease will catch all of the dust and grit and it is stuck there forever.    It is used mostly in commercial applications so it is hard to get in smaller quantities.

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 Vactra 2 way oil is designed for heavy pressure and slow speeds  [lathe and milling machine beds for example ]  Works great for most open flow through type bearings commonly found on mechanical power hammers .

It's relatively cheap and is available in gallons or 5 gallon pails from most industrial supply houses.

Not as sticky as bar oil so it doesn't hold the grit and dirt . 

Use lots, to keep things running smoothly and flush out the dirt. Oil is always cheaper than parts or downtime.

If the hammer has grease fittings or grease cups use a light grease  suitable for heavy loads, slow speeds .


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Thanks a lot for the answers!

The hammer is a Massey. It has slide ways similar to a Pattinson or Platt or "new style" Little Giant.

I haven't had a look at the bearings yet but I would happily put money on them being plain bearings.

I am looking at this type of grease for the main shaft bearings and pitman;


And a 30wt gear/transmission oil for the slides. 

Thanks for the input.


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