Jonathan Smidt

New to the Forge from Falcon, Colorado

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Hey everyone...after lurking on this forum as a guest to get some answers to questions, I've finally decided to make an account, and hope to take full advantage of everything available here to help myself grow as a blacksmith/bladesmith, and who knows, maybe some day I'll be able to help pass that on.

Anywho, about myself....

I currently live in Falcon, Colorado (so if there are others from Colorado in the Falcon area or the Colorado Springs area, I would be ecstatic, been having a hard time finding local people to chat with/work with....)  I served 8 years in the Marine Corps....and that's really about it interesting wise for myself up to this point (I occasionally write, and have some self published novels out...but meh....)

Back in June of this year, I took my first blacksmithing course on a whim.  It was a 2 1/2 day level one blacksmithing course taught by David Noirre, and needless to say I was hooked. I was able to take his level two course later on in the year, and met a local bladesmith who I've worked with for a few hours to begin learning the process of blade making as well.  I just got myself a forge and anvil, and set up my own little area to practice on, and am doing all I can to improve both my skillset/talents when it comes to blacksmithing and bladesmithing.  I honestly just love the ability of taking a piece of metal, and being able to turn it into practically whatever my heart desires with the pound of a hammer and a fire in the forge.  I am hoping to be able to grow my skills as time passes, and would love to reach a "master" level some day....I think that's about it for now...I aim to share some of my work as I get going (right now all I've done outside of a class is made a knife from 1084 with inlace acrylester for the handle, some practice railroad spike blades, and some rail road spike snakes lol). 

...I'm really bad at these introduction things...

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David Norrie have not yet taken lessons from him but his home/shop is about 3 miles from me. I lived in Peyton for a few years  a hundred years ago. David did give me a tour of his shop some time ago he is truly a master. There is an open forge up here in Berthoud once a month you can find the dates on the Rocky Mountain smiths website. I know it is a bit of a drive for you but some real good guys show up and provide a lot of help and of course criticism  curmudgeons seem to come with the territory.  I have been hitting ste for a few years when I can, but still have so much to learn. Wish I had more time. 

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