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Looking at building a Foundry with a 55 Gallon drum

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So what got me into this was the local school, new teacher, decided to have most of their classes build the "grant thompson mini foundry" then found out the city and school district didn't exactly like that idea, so I offered to take them while I was picking up scrap from them, and have done some cringe-worthy things with them(like what he shows in his videos, ie channellock as crucible tongs). Now I am looking to build something that will last more than a few cycles. What is the somewhat agreed upon method for building one? I have the book(pinned thread) ordered, along with a few others. Right now I am mostly focused on melting scrap(mostly aluminum) into ingots, and would like to eventually get into iron(and casting). Any other tips/tricks? I am in the process of reading up on the subject more and this site is really helping so thanks.


Also whats the general opinion on Oil/LPG(propane) ?

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