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i need suggestions about putting a bevel on my blade


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I am at the point of the final finishing of my blade and I am torn which way to put the edge on my blade, its all heat treated and almost as polished as its going to get before etching but I am wondering on how to stop the distal taper from affecting the width of the bevel. All the beveling that i have seen on youtube have been quite thick blades and parallal my blade at the thickest where the bevel will start is about 2.6mm down to about 0.9mm at the point. If I use a diamond imbeded flat cutter and a Heim/rose joint set at the correct height and point or maybe one of those little finger belt sandes/power files guided by the same means I have alot of time in this now and dont want to stuff it any suggestions would be good thanks Beaver



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Hello Thomas

Hmmm I thought someone might say freehand and thats probably what will happen and my officail work title is a fitter welder A so i have a foot in each camp welding and machining and now Im doing my best to add forging which is a lot different in how you think about how to make things, Volume instead of size. I think it may be time to bite the bullet and make my smaller variable speed linisher that I have been thinking about for ages Cheers Beaver

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