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Re-learning the skills

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Hi, I'm slowly reverting to my first career - beating metal into shape. I did my apprenticeship in the 90's as a mechanic, but our workshop Foreman was a blacksmith by trade. I spent hundreds (thousands) of happy hours making, straightening, fixing and repairing things with a hammer, anvil, gas or a welder. Times moved on and I eventually escaped the workshop, but over the past 16 years I've always wanted to be back in the workshop. I've kept my hand in, but only on the mechanical side

Now it's time for heat, tongs and remembering what temperature straw-colored steel is! I'm still pretty handy with the hammer but have a lot of re-learning to do. 

Hopefully I can get things moving, in which case I'll be making the simple things such as gates, hinges, latches etc. (I'm not very artistic...)


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