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Coal forge firebox construction


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I have been reading that a coal or coke firebox needs to be cast and 1" thick, Yet I see a lot of homemade forges where the firebox is 1/2" plate.  My forge design is with 1/2" plate. Should i worry about melting the box out in the middle of a project and dropping  to the floor?

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This one (and mine) is made from 1/4" steel and here's what he has to say about the thickness:

"I made the fire pot. It is welded up out of quarter inch plate, thinner than what you see on some sites on the web, but I haven't had any issues with it. When forge welding all day, like at a forge welding class, it does get hot enough to glow dull red if the lights are low enough to see the glow."


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18 hours ago, Scratch said:

I know alot of people make them out of 1/2".  This guy uses them and sells them on eBay and it looks like they're pretty popular:

<Commercial link removed per TOS>

Those are made by Dave Custer. If they are anything like his hammers and tongs, they should be high quality.

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