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I Forge Iron

Hello, I got an urge to forge and hammer


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Hello every one.  Name is Dennis. I am from Newton KS. I have been in metal for many years but never blacksmithing. I have spent many hours online researching the craft and have decided on making a coal forge. My basic design for firebox is ready for laser cutting.  I will set up out back on a slab I have. I worry about the weather so there will be, at least a carport above me.   I find myself overwhelmed on anvil's. For the price I don't want to buy one to small. I am interested in knife, sword and ornamental metal working. I see that I can chase ebay for months or buy new. Any experience you would like to share on anvil size would be appreciated. 

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50-150 work well for the hobiest. But Iron Age smiths got buy with about 10% of that. More than 150 gets in to bragging rights unless your doing this for a living. Keep the price of a new Pendenhause in mind when looking at anvils. You are buying a used tool not a rare antique. Better to buy new than spend $10# on used. 

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Welcome Dennis.  Take it from someone who went at it anvil first, you can do a lot without a. Expensive anvil...but not if you have garbage tongs.  I’ve made it my mission to save people from destroying their learning curve because their tongs are undermining them.  Having hot steel wobbling everywhere while you hit it, falling constantly, or (worst case) flying into the air makes for a miserable experience.  If you have the budget buy a new anvil.  There are plenty of good makers in hobbiest sizes.  150# is plenty.  Have fun and keep reading everything you can here.


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