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I found some plate steel full of Hardy Holes

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Good Evening All,

I was at the scrap yard today and found this neat (what ever it is) that looks like 12 Hardy Holes waiting to be used. I will need to double them up since the holes are not square on both sides.

So anyone know what this started out life as? 




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Desmond, thank you for the information. I am going to try (and I try is the operative word) to weld this on to part of a forklift tine. If the arc welding will not work I could always try to us O/A and bronze braze it. On a side note I think it would be a very cool contrast to have the bronze on the steel but I digress. 


Thanks again   

It is also worth saying that this thing may very well be already work hardened to heck and back!

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There was a "fad" of making twisting wrenches of that stuff about 20? years ago?

I have a large piece---over a foot wide with 1.5" sq holes in it---that I someday plan to make a hardy table from,. Right now it's on the dirt floor of my shop holding the acorn of my large postvise. (6.5" jaws mounted to the shop roof support---15' of telephone pole buried 5' and cemented in, 10' walls on the shop.) It's my heavy striking vise.

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Thanks for the info, just for the heck of it I used a very thin 4 1/2 cut off wheel from Harbor Fright and it would cut but at 20% the speed of cutting most anything else other than RR track. I switched to a 7" Diablo branded blade from the Home Despot that was a 1/8" think and it did cut and I was treated to a free light show at the same time. Man this stuff lives up to it's name. I had to stop with the 4 1/2" wheel when the angle grinder was getting to hot to handle. 

Next stop will be Plasma! 



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Well folks I found the chart for welding AR steel and as long as you don't mind zooming in or have a 50" monitor you may find this useful. http://www.hobartbrothers.com/news/240/523/Three-Common-Challenges-of-Welding-Abrasion-Resistant-Plate-and-Their-Solutions.html

I have some I-beam and c-channel that I might try welding this stuff to and according to this site I need to pre-heat to 200 degrees and according to this site I should be able to use 6010 or 7018 rods. This plate welded on to some I-beam would make a nice portable hole one could bolt to a stump or some such. 

Now all I need to do it get the stuff cut. I had some almost dead band-saw blades for my portaband and a 5 inch cut took the best one from "mostly dead, a little alive" to dead dead. Next stop is the plasma cutter!

Thanks for the help.     

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Good Evening folks,

I have welded up my first crack at a portable hole using the grader blade and some I or H beam. I have not yet invoked the power of a grinder and some paint to make this welder what he ain't but I am pleased with how it came together.

The big question is if this I or H beam will provide enough support once bolted to a stump to be used as a hardy hole.

Have a good night.


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