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I Forge Iron

Newbie forge and learning.

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Well, I got some refractory bricks and made a tiny forge.


I got a "Y" 20# to 1# adapter for the burners, this pic with the 1 pounders was just my test burn.  I used some rebar to make a round drift to make a set of flat tongs.

Using the left over rebar I made a blacksmith knife... which I broke when adjusting the handle.

So then I went to make my tongs and was doing good and began drifting the hole... when I broke one half at the hinge.

So all in all it was a good day of learning.  I learned that you can sometimes get away with hitting metal with no color to it until you can't.  That usually happens at a critical point.

I also learned that the slack tub can cool off metal AND burns on your hand.

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True mild steel you can hammer all the way down to ambient; though at some point it will begin to work harden.

Higher carbon/alloy steels have a limited range of forging temps and specs on them will generally mention a forging start and forging stop temps.

Rebar and A-36 you don't know the C content from piece to piece which is why they are not suggested for people starting out...

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