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Flexible coil?

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Everyone's favorite 15 kW induction heater has gotten pretty well priced nowadays. Considering how much equipment like anvils cost right now, it's quite reasonable! The one thing about it that I dislike is having to make coils for oddly shaped workpieces.

I found something interesting when I was searching; Ambrell for their induction heaters makes a flexible coil you can wrap around whatever you want. See here for details: http://www.forgingmagazine.com/heating/flexible-induction-coil

Does anyone have any idea how they do that? I've seen some really long flexible coils used with Chinese air-cooled induction machines, but nothing for water cooling (is that even possible?). If such a thing was possible, didn't lose power compared to the fixed coil (Ambrell's doesn't seem to go that high in temperature) and I could buy or make one, an induction heater would be an instant buy for me.

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