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My 4 year old son

Michael Cochran

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My son's pediatrician is great, not just for the usual kid stuff, but also (as it turns out -- we didn't know this when we first started seeing him) specializes in pediatric neurology and autism, with folks coming from all the way on the other side of Cleveland to see him. Super well-informed, always takes as much time as necessary to give you the information you need to make an informed decision, has no hesitation about giving you his unvarnished opinion about the effectiveness of whatever is the fancy new treatment or medication (and don't get him started on the profit-mongering of the drug companies), and is fantastic with the kids. Also plays classical cello, and I think I might be able to get him interested in trying out smithing.

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The small town doctor is a thing of the past in most places. Around here I would rather the vet treat me for most things...

all kiding aside we have a couple of passable Docs with in 10 miles of us, but the best retired and those he hired to serve his clinic aren't up to his caliber. Now I travel 40 miles to see a brilliant Psyciatrist tho. 

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