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homemade mini wood lathe

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Built this little bugger in about a day. Its bed is made from two, 24" pieces of 1 1/2" angle iron, welded to an angle iron foot at each end and drilled for mounting to a bench. The headstock is made from 3/4 plywood and oak boards, the spindle is the spindle from a toro lawnmower deck that my brother's wife destroyed and he gave to me to "make something with it". It turned out that its threads were the right ones to hold this cheapy little 3" three jaw chuck i had around. The motor is a 1/20hp 1500rpm fan motor from a walk in cooler and the drive is from a vacuum cleaner flat belt between two pulleys. The headstock pulley of homecast aluminum turned on the metal lathe and the motor pulley of aluminum and a junked plastic radius arm bushing from my dads truck.

It works much better than anticipated but the motor is a bit underpowered even for a machine this small. So it will be replaced in the future when i find one. Also i have a tailstock designed but not finished yet .

Gotta love it when i plan comes together from the junk pile eh?




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