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Finally got my permanent forge built, nice centerpiece to the shop, all reclaimed brick. I built a smoke shelf into it and lined the inside of the brick chimney to hold heat and improve convection. I only hooked into the 7" wood stove chimney flue but had done that with my previous temporary forge and it worked perfect so duplicated the design with the brick forge and worked a charm. I know you should use 10 or 12 inch diameter for the flue because the coal forge does not put out the same flu gas temps but it worked just fine. I built the fire pot out of 1/2 inch mild steel with interchangeable inserts for a slotted fire grate and a 2" black iron pipe cap with 3/8" holes in it. the slotted grate gives me a low but wide fire good for pans and large objects where as the pipe cap with the holes gives me a focused and taller column  which has turned out really good for working smaller items in the fire. I've heard arguments as to mild steel or cast being better, after having built one I feel they were cast for expediency as building the fire pot took a long time to cut, scarf edges and get good weld penetration and enough of it. anyways lots of fun and it turned out better than I had Imagined.



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Thanks all for the kind remarks, ive been running a little here and there the last week and im happy with it, i put a bit of a hood sticking out from the brick over the opening to prevent soot from going on the brick. once the chimney warms up it draws very well but need to burn a bit of paper in it at the start but i kind of expected that considering i was under sizing the flu a bit. im quite happy with the firepot. i always worked with a tuyere in the past but the interchangeable firegrates i really like as i switch it out for whatever type of fire i want. the slotted grate for a low but wide fire and the pipe cap one with the circle of 3/8 holes in it for the focused tall fire. I know you can accomplish the same effect with a tuyere depending on how you build your coal fire but i find the interchangeable grates naturally lend themselves to make certain fire patterns. I will take a couple pics of it running next time im in the forge!

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