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Hammer drift material Q's

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What's your fav steel for hammer drifts?  I have a made a few drifts from unknown steels and have had some success doing so.  I bought some H13 to make my next one but with further research I found its not a great steel for beginners.  Can I use this steel with out a heat treatment?  I've heard people also using a2, L6, and spring steels or axel alloys.  I don't want to start with a steel I may ruin quickly threw negligence.  What is your fav drift steel and more importantly why?  I know that hammer drifts will see a lot of heat especially while a beginner is drawing out the cheeks solo.  I would like to use a steel that is tough under heat but not so challenging for a beginner with HT or lack there of.  Thanks for your time

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Drift.  I learned to make punches at my smithing class. We used 1" coil spring for the punch. It needs a little dressing after each hammer head but hasn't been bad. If small heads you could prob do 2 before dressing it tho I keep it cool best I can.  


I want to make my drift to fit handles I get at north 40.  7/16"X 13/16" For the drift as the handles are slightly smaller than that

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29 minutes ago, ThomasPowers said:

Don't overheat! 

That's super correct with tool steels!!! Proper forging temp for h13 according to the "Heat treating Society" is Heat slowly. Pre heat 1300-1500°F, start forging at 1950-2100°F. Do not forge when temp of stock drops below 1650°F. Cool slowly.

I don't see any need to heat treat it. H13 is pretty tough stuff. 

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Too late. I'm about half way finished with it. Used the 8# for most of it.  I started with 8" of 1" round and I think I should have went with 6" but that's ok.  I haven't been able to get back to the shop this week but when I was shutting down last I brought the drift up to a cherry almost orange and just left it in the forge to cool slowly. I will up date when I finish it up

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