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I have been down with a lot of Back and Full body pain, but that's something I just will have to work with. I did get the Chile Forge up and running. I did lose one burner... the replacement is on it's way.  Here are a few pict.  The blue burner is not working, the choke will not move free at all.  My little coal forge will still be used a little.59fa2df6e741e_NewForge1.thumb.JPG.5a53a2cabdda37b5d2707106d76ae1f4.JPG59fa2e2ae8185_Newforge3.thumb.JPG.8dc2284470e8dfac5470e0c4b23f433e.JPG59fa2f114b4bd_snakeontheforge1.thumb.JPG.4bdc58033d8ab6df2bd73d4b63651054.JPG59fa2f7250481_Blueburner.thumb.JPG.0b0d89d1a31378c3d3dfef95b3b2389e.JPG59fa300c4eb45_NewForge2.thumb.JPG.c2c422f3e28fba9d8cc5a14c2efc927a.JPG

snake on the forge 2.JPG

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I don't use the shop as much as I like at all. I have a lot of Back and Body pain. In the back ground you can see a Bell that I have been working on, it should have been up and ringing a few weeks ago. I got hurt back April 19th 1995 in Okla. City.  When you are on the 5th floor and they find you on the ground.... you tend to hurt more as time goes on. This helps me relax some and welding helps also. But I pay big time for every hour bent over the table welding or pounding on the anvil. Work a day.... off three to four. So I have a lot of time to clean.. Will I stop... No.... I read a lot here and try things that don't need a lot of hammering.   

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