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Friend's husband in ICU


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Neil, the husband of my old college friend Erika, is in the ICU with low platelet levels, brain hemorrhaging, and low blood pressure. Currently stable, but experiencing extensive aphasia. Not sure what's going on, but please keep both of them in your prayers.

Update: Erika writes,


i have some time to explain. i know many are concerned about Neil. we took him to the ER on Saturday as he was experiencing severe body pain and a migraine. his platelet count had dropped to 5,000 (usually 100,000), which caused multiple issues including two small brain hemorrhages. blood pressure was also through the roof. his blood thinners kept his blood from clotting. the amazing staff at UTSW has been working round the clock to stabilize him. he's been through three CT scans. last night one showed that his brain hemorrhages were under control. overnight he began exhibiting signs of expressive aphasia. he can say YES and NO and even my name but gets confused when saying his own name. the CT scan and MRI this morning indicated no signs of a stroke or additional bleeding, which is good. they are now doing an EEG, thinking he's having seizures... will update more soon.


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UPDATE: Neil is resting and appears to be stable. I won't get into all the detail that Erika shared, but suffice it to say that while there's no stroke, he's had two subdural haematomata, which is what caused the aphasia. Diagnosis and treatment progress.

Thank you all for your prayers. Erika and Neil are devout Buddhists, and the last thing Neil was able to say was his own name, some Buddhist prayers, and several repetitions of the word YES.  

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UPDATE: Erika posted this morning at great length. The TL:DR version is that Neil is doing a lot better, is passing all his neurological tests, and they are talking about planning for his discharge. At one point, she went to get some coffee, and by the time she returned, she couldn't get back into his room, it was so full of doctors marveling over his recovery.

I am so happy about this. They only got married a couple of years ago (in their late forties), having spent their separate lives very much feeling like they were waiting for THE ONE. I was gutted at the thought that she would lose him after such a short time together, but it's not looking that way right now.

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