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Running two tanks

Brandr Forge

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Hi Folks,

I am currently running one 40lb tank and I am running everyday. With the change in season i am starting to tank freeze, which i have not had in a long time. I would like to run two tanks so I don't have to wait for the tank to defrost before i can start working again. Does any have a regulator solution where i can have both tanks hooked up at the same time and just switch a valve to direct on tank on and one tank off?

Any and all help will be greatly appreciated.


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It isn't only the fuel cylinder that can get too cold to work; that can also happen to your regulator. I will assume that your tank is located outside, but unless your area is suffering a blizzard, "freezing up" a 40-gallon tank is less likely than regulator problems. That said, a second tank can be run into a shop pipe system from external cylinders by use of stainless steel braided fuel hose.

I would recommend two threaded male hose ends screwed into a pipe nipple. There is no need for anything fancy on the high presure end of a piping system,

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50 minutes ago, Brandr Forge said:

yes Gas forge tanks. 


What type of manifold would you recommend?

Check with RV sales & service places, they sell manifold kits to hook two tanks together.

BTW: welcome to ifi, if you edit your profile to add your location you may be surprised how many members are close to you and some answers are location dependent.

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1 hour ago, SLAG said:

Would an electric blanket or a big aquarium heater work for keeping the fuel tank or regulator from getting "frostbite"?

Just musing, and thinking out loud.

There's a rather lengthy thread in which quite a few options have been discussed, analyzed, dissected, etc.  Quite a few options would work, but raise safety concerns.




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