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RR dog tongs

Joel OF

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I have a large number of minature railway dogs from a local light gauge railway & I've finally got round to using them.

By no means my prettiest pair of tongs but I thought I'd share nonetheless as I know in the states they're a common source of steel for projects & these can be scaled up to suit normal size dogs. I decided to knock these up quickly after a "hot dog" flew up past my face from poorly gripping tongs.

Copy and/or improve upon as you see fit.


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 Most versions of these that I have seen have a “V”-shaped notch (rather than the flat-bottomed “U” shown here), to accommodate variations in thickness. If you know that your stock is going to be consistent, though, I like how these align the side of the spike with the plane of the reins. 

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1 hour ago, JHCC said:

Just so long as they all go to heaven….

That's probably what it was doing when it flew past his face. 

I prefer tongs that hold sq stock on the flat even though it means more tongs, having to hold and rotate them at 45* all the time is less accurate and more tiring.

Nice tongs Joel, even if we call them spikes rather than dogs this side of the pond. Personally I'd much rather poke one of my spikes in a fire than one of the dogs. . . . Usually, once in a while one of them pushes temptation to the extreme, good thing he's lovable. 

Frosty The Lucky.

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