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Are there any exceptionally tall smiths out there?  If there are, which I hope there are, where do you buy your work clothes from?  I am 6'7" with a 32 waist and 38 inch inseam. I have a very time trying to find regular clothes,  finding work clothes is harder. Sometimes carheart caters to my tall and skinny frame but not always. I have looked through a lot of catalogs and usually the highest they go is a 36 inseam. I can keep wearing jeans but eventually im going to light myself on fire. 
It seems a lot of people wear tin lined pants, but most manufacturers of that again only go up to 36.
Finding work shirts is also a problem. I am a large tall, which is hard to find to begin with. I can get away with an xl, but I swim in it which means its flopping around and I wouldn't notice if it flopped into the fire.  The sleeves on an xl are also about two to fourn inches too short. And if I raise my arms there is a decent gap between my shirt and pants.
The aprons I can find also seem to be kind of short for me. I have been wearing two, one folded and tied around my waist, and one worn normally.
I am not trying to sound winey, just trying to see if anyone has these problems as well and mayhaps have a solution.

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I find clasic wrangler cowboy cuts (13mwz) hold up well and come in 32x38's (I used to were them when I was a lot thinner and stacking over your boot was in style). Being 100% cotton they are about as safe as anything. A good starching will help as well. 

I have resorted to adding 2 inch strips to shirt sleeves.

As to aprons, custom. 




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Not a bad idea actually. I forgot leather stitching was that straight forward. It has been a bit since I last tried that. I have actually sewn inserts on sleeves before, i was just hoping to avoid that.
Sort of reminds me of the shorts I have, I buy normal people pants, chop off the bottom of the legs and hem them up into shorts.  I'll have to look into wrangler.

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Gandalf Sir,

Check out Duluth Trading co. They sell shirts that have extra long waists.

i.e. shirts, that "Defeat plumber's butt"  (their phrase & it's probably a registered trade mark).

Their clothing is rugged, well designed, high quality, great looking, long lasting and usually expensive. But in my opinion and experience well worth the money.

No folks!

No I do Not have shares, nor any other financial instruments, in said company.

Regards 'tout la gang'.


p.s. their garments come in extra large sizes. perhaps your size & up.

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I have the opposite problem: I am a walking fire hydrant. 5'9", 330lbs.** I need a 58 chest, 46 -48 waist, and a 26 inseam. Web sites for odd sizes not carried in stores, and a list of local seamstress/alteration shops are your friend if you are on the ends of the bell curve.

**On the plus side, all I need for a Halloween costume as Ben Grimm is a bucket of red clay and a sunlamp!

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John the local folks down here tend towards short and stout, I had a friend visit that needed a pair of jeans for a Beanpole and the local wally world didn't carry them.  (Also why I bought 4 pairs of brand new German combat boots for US$3 per pair---NOBODY wore a 13 EEEE---they sold off all the "normal" boots and then remaindered the rest to me at the fleamarket.)   Perhaps you need to make a visit down here. (I'll see about checking the store(s) for your size...)

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That's how I usually get my boots and shoes.   Job Lot buys a lot of overstocked or unsold items from other stores so they usually have my shoe size, which is between 13 and 15 depending on the type of shoe, or where it is made.    I feel you on the whole odd size thing, I am a 14 1/2 but those don't really exist.  My actual pant size is 33x37 but those don't really exist either, and if they do it was an accident. 

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On ‎10‎/‎27‎/‎2017 at 5:00 PM, GandalftheGold said:

I am 6'7" with a 32 waist and 38 inch inseam.

My brother you are in the same boat that I am in. I get my jeans from amazon but as a 46x38 the logistics between you and I are going to differ.  I get my dress shoes(14 to 15 3E or wider) and sneakers from amazon or zappos and I got my work boots https://www.sheplers.com.

Hobart glove
Ultimate-Fit Welding Gloves (large #770710) are a tight fit and I am going to try the x-large next, they sell them a amazon but Northern Tool has the x-large (770695) for a lower price than amazon. 

On ‎10‎/‎28‎/‎2017 at 10:41 PM, Tubalcain2 said:

I am 6' 4'' and growing.

I am 6' 8" and I want to stop growing, I have grown from a 38 waist to a 40, then 42, 44 and now 46 waist!


On ‎10‎/‎27‎/‎2017 at 5:19 PM, Daswulf said:

apron you could always add to the length on one.

What Daswulf said!

Go to this site brettunsvillage.com and/or email Kevin@springfieldleather.com tell them what you want. I have asked Springfield Leather in the past about an apron and Kevin told me the following "For a welding apron, I’d be using oil tan leather.  it’s more expensive, but it just flat works…" That will allow you to make one you need not what the "one size fits most" store will sell you.

I hope that helps.

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I tried to reach the www.shelers.com site and all I got was a notice that it was not a secure site. ( thus is it an insecure site?, I wonder)

Am I not worthy? Or what.

Please respond, thank you.

SLAG.  Industries L.L.C.

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I will second @SLAG with the Duluth trading suggestion.  Not everything they make comes in 36" inseam though.  You have to look at the big & tall stuff.  Honestly though, once you wear them you won't want to subject then to the forge.  They are, by very far, the best pants I have ever climbed into.  Avoid the firehose flex stuff in the forge as well, because they have a small percentage of flammable stuff in them. 

I'm 6'6" and wear 36x36 pants.  I swear I expected this thread to be about anvil and work bench height!


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I’ll sadly have to retract my support for Duluth Trading.  My wife just attempted to buy me more of their stuff for Christmas and she couldn’t find them.  Apparently they stopped selling most of their stuff in 36” inseam.  One more blow to to tall guy community.  She called customer service and found out they only have one type of pant in 36” inseam.  The service rep documented the complaint and said they may bring them back if they get enough of them.

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10 minutes ago, notownkid said:

"Big & Tall" catalog? 

For a long while the Big and Tall store was more of a Big and some what taller than normal store but they seem to have turned back around. There are a few places that have good stuff. I used to really like the Lee jeans but they stopped making anything longer than a 36" inseam. I just ordered a large sheet of oil tanned leather from springfieldleather.com at $3.50 a square foot and my wife, daughter and I are going to make me a new leather apron out of it. 

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