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New in California


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YouTube has screwed me again! That and the draw to the Columbia blacksmith. Turns out I have a neighbor who dabbles in blacksmithing due to an anger issue and need to hit things as he puts it. Regardless, I have been getting into welding and I figured why not take it further. I am building a forge and just procured a 108lb Peter Wright anvil with a few ferried tools and some hardy hole tools for $395 that is in way better shape than a current eBay listing that is 117lbs and is $545 before shipping. I think I did OK. Either way I am off and running and making small progress every day.

I figure I have questions and I seem to always end up here when I ask google so I figured why not join. Anyone in the area  needing an extra hand I would love to help and learn. Look forward to getting to know y'all.

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Welcome aboard, glad to have you. Blacksmithing is very therapeutic, we have a number of combat vets in our club who treat PTSD at the anvil. I find it meditative, a zen zone sort of state of mind. So yeah, better to work out anger on a piece of steel than stuff you shouldn't.

We LOVE pics, how about posting a few pics of your loot? 108lbs is a good size for an anvil, heavy enough to do good work on and light enough you to move around without getting hurt. What kinds of farrier and bottom (hardy hole) tools did you get? Pictures please. :)

Are there any living history towns, etc. in your area? My folks used to live in Plumas county and with a little advance notice it wasn't hard to get a couple blacksmiths together in one of the mining town blacksmith shops and put on demos. Have you hooked up with the CBA? It's a good bunch they should be able to put you in contact with anybody in your area.

Frosty The Lucky.

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Pictures will come after deer season closes this weekend. Drug my heels and literally picked up the anvil got it into the shop and left town to hunt for three very unsuccessful days. Today was back in civilization but still hunted none the less as will I be hunting my property for the rest of the week. 

I live next to Columbia State Park which has a period blacksmith that I have yet to approach due to time kids and what not. I have seen the CBA website but again, time has not been my friend and joining a new club when I already have so many things (read kids) stretching me thin. It's on my radar but not something I can commit to just yet. 

I will snap some pictures next week for sure as I am curious what exactly I got. One thing I know is it came with a small horn for the hardy hole as well as two cut off hardy tools. I look forward to learning what the hand tools are and I forgot to mention there were tongs too! 

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