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My first anvil

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Purchased this anvil yesterday. The gentleman had three anvil of about 100 pounds. The other two were cleaner and looked nicer, but this one had the best rebound at over 70% even with the rusted face. The sound under the hammer was also good and even thoughout the face. Damage didn't look severe.

It was also the least expensive at C$120 (roughly US$95 at current exchange rates), with the other two being about 3 times that price. Also got 2 pair of tongs for that price.

I could see the marking of "3  7" so I knew it was originally 89 pounds. So at just a bit over $1 per pound I figured this would get me started and could eventually become my travelling anvil.

At the time, I couldn't see any marking other than the weight and did not notice the color line in the rust.






Brought it home, cleaned it up and tested the rebound again, though unmounted to a solid base. Rebound is 80% in most spots, with one spot at 90% (close to the hardy) and one at about 70% (in the middle of the sway). Final weight is 86 pounds.

It is only while cleaning it up that I noticed some faint markings. Three lines of them, the botton one I can make out as being "Warranted". Top one is almost completely illegible and the middle one I can only make out a few letters. Seem to start with "CH" with perhaps an "A" afterwards. No other markings on the feet or bottom.

I notice the coloration line is still there. Maybe that was from the anvil being half-burried in mud for a long time? It didn't sound or react any differently from one side to the other.

Here's a full set of pictures of the anvil cleaned up. The markings made me curious. Anyone cares to make a guess at its make and origin?






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Anyone has any idea what the faint writing might be? Still curious about my new anvil's id.

Haven't seen many anvils with the pritchel hole near the horn (it actually comes out at the base of the horn), and it doesn't look like this was drilled after the fact. So this might be a clue.

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13 hours ago, C-1ToolSteel said:

Thinking the bottom word may be "WARRANTED".

Indeed, that third line I was able to read.

First line I am pretty much hopeless anyone can guess at. Second line is the most intriguing, with what looks like "CH" with perhaps an "A" after that. Or perhaps the first letters are "CI" with an "M" or "N" after that. That word seems shorter than the first line's, about 6 letters.

Wondering if any anvil maker's name would fit  that.

The markings are stamped into the anvil.

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