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Good Morning!  Just signed up less than an hour ago. I'm retired army with 27 years of service.  Yes a Vietnam veteran with two tours their and I would do it again.  My wife and I live in northwest Missouri where I spend my spare time making knives (stock reduction but I might want to learn at least some rudimentary forging skills.)  I was led to your forum because I was seeking some info on anvils since I am about to go to an auction Saturday of an old blacksmith shop where the sale bill lists 7 anvils, Peter Wright and Wilkerson.  Your forum has already been helpful on that!                                                                                   

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2 hours ago, JHCC said:

Welcome! We'd love to see pictures, both of your current knives and of those you forwasge as things progress.

Well here's a picture of my most recent knife - the ribbon is from a small local arts and crafts show - ergo not a big deal but I was pleased.  The steel is 1084 and the handle is from a piece of Buckeye Burl.  Nice stuff!

1 hour ago, Zeroclick said:


Always love to see pictures, do you have any photos or details on the anvils that will be available.


Image may contain: outdoor

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