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Anvil Identification- please help

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Please help with identifying this anvil. I recently purchased it for cheap ($150), while knowing it had a crack. When I got it home, I put it in the electrolysis bin and wire brushed it. I still can't gleam too much information off it. I can see two 1's and a 2 (read 121). I weighed it on a bathroom scale and it weighs 156 pounds. It does not have a pritchel hole. The hardie hole is 1 inch. Thanks for any help you might be able to offer.

Also, the crack extends from top of table, down through and is about 40% to 50% through the width. Paperweight or use it until it busts? 




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That's an oldie!  (probably pre-1820's) It looks like the crack was where the heel section was forge welded to the body of the anvil and unfortunately the face was welded on in pieces and had a weld joint almost lined up with the heel weld. Since anvils did not have heels and hardy holes for about 2000 years longer than they have had them WHY would you think it was a paper weight?  I use an anvil with the heel and hardy hole totally broken off on a regular basis---especially for teaching students who hammer like lightning---never striking the same place twice.

I'd use it a lot.

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Use as a paperweight would require exceptionally large paper and hurricane-force winds.

If I had this beastie in addition to my main forging anvil, I would probably make it the dedicated anvil for a treadle hammer or the like, where you'll be hammering over the sweet spot pretty much all the time. That would put the tail at substantially lower risk of further breakage.

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