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Question about my first forge


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So I just acquired a good sized railroad-style forge (pictured below). 

The first thing I notice is that the grate is elevated on a "cone" and therefore there is a "trough" of dead space around it where cinders, clinkers, and other junk will build up (not to mention fuel that will probably not burn correctly due to not being in the line of airflow). 

I drew a cross-section diagram to illustrate perhaps better than the photo. 

Is this space meant to be filled with refractory or clay or some other substance? Recommendations welcome. 


Fire Box.JPG

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Well I say you could fill most of the space with clay or dirt just up to about an inch or so of the inlet top. That way clinker will still "doughnut" around the inlet but you won't waste coal down there. Just my opinion if I had it. 

Whats it worth? Well, what someone would pay for it really. And how much could you make using it and how much effort does it save you making your own? How good is the hand crank blower? 

Theres lots of variables in value of a tool. Location, rarity, antique value ( as in name and condition) usefulness, ability to make your own ( if you are a crafty person) not to be rude but it's how I look at things and other opinions vary. To me, if the blower is in Good condition, probably $100.- 150. On a good day. But that's just my opinion. 

Use it and make awesome stuff. :) 

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Good point. Maybe some dirt or something temporary just to fill a little of that space. 

My question about value was more to have some kind of idea just how ridiculous was the deal I got for the forge, anvil, leg vise, and hand-crank smiths drill (no need to go into the details, but I got it all from a guy who was retired and moving and didn't want to haul it all, and he hooked me up big time). I have no intention of selling it any time soon. I could build one, but a bird in hand...

I intend to use it and hone my craft and make awesome stuff. 

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