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Joining in from Southern Minnesota

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Hello everyone,


I've been looking at this sight for a few months for answers to all kinds of questions, but never actually got around to joining. Had a minute tonight so I thought I'd finally jump on.

I'm a beginner smith, only been at this since about March. Met a guy through work who's been making knives for 15 years, when I mentioned I'd wanted to learn blacksmithing since I was a kid, he very graciously offered to teach me. I've been learning basic forging and stock removal techniques from him. We focus on bladesmithing but he's going to teach me some general blacksmithing as well.

I'm in the Mankato area, for any Minnesota smiths on here, but currently I do not have the ability to set up a forge at home, I do everything at my mentor's place right now. Hopefully that will change in the spring.

I can't wait to get involved and learn from all the great smiths here. Hopefully someday I can pass on what I learn too, help keep the "craftsman's craft" alive.

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Welcome aboard. You should join the guild of metalsmiths of minnesota. We have beginning blacksmith classes. Theres a location in Cleavland MN near St. Peter that I read might still have some openings if you move quick. Its not free but well worth it.   Welcome to the addiction:-)

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