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Proportional foot switch for air hammer wanted

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Dear all, looking for an affordable proportional foot switch like the one below (but less expensive).

Using now a momentary 2/5 foot valve which only allow a ON/OFF situation and this is very annoying.

At the moment I put an extra valve to reduce the air escape, to control at least the cylinder stroke.

Did you know any web shop or Ebay supplier hoe also delivers in Western Europe on decent prices.

Thank you very much in advance.


Huawei fotos 045.jpg

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You did not tell what kind of a hammer you have.  I have a BigBlu hammer.  If you get down and look the treadle is activated by a 3/4" ball valve.  I made one, bypassing the one on the hammer.  The valve is mounted on a movable base with a peddle and a spring to pull it back to closed.  Total cost less than $25.00 and I can move it anywhere within a 15' radius.  Sorry but I don't have any pictures.

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Hi Gents, a short update regarding my power hammer. After ruing several work pieces under the dices, I replace the ‘ON/OFF’ pneumatic foot switch with a 180° treadle connected to a ball valve. Open’s a whole new world for me ones push the treadle more or less to control the air exhaust. Costs a lot of creativity but the result was worth it.

Thanks about your comments and suggestions.

Cheers, Hans




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