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Rivet Heading / Upsetting Tool

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I made this rivet heading/upsetting tool today based vaguely on pictures I saw online.  I think it will work all right, I plan on using it to make some tong rivets soon.  Stupidly, the center of mass makes the spring side dip down when trying to clamp it in the post vise... I might shorten it up someday so it doesn't take 3 hands to use this thing.  I'll also take a die grinding bit to the countersinks and round them over some more tomorrow.  I clamped a shim in the jaws when drilling the holes so they will grip the rod well.  The holes are 1/4, 3/8, 5/16, and 1/2". 






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Are those wings you've welded on the sides so you can put it in the vise and hit down without it slipping through the vise because they rest on top?

Especially as you mention countersinking the holes - I would identidy that more as a tenon making tool or a tool for rounding up bar to a specific diameter - but it should serve you as a riveting tool. 

If those wings are welded on for the reason I guessed, you may find you get twice the bang for your buck if you cut them off and instead use it over your pritchel hole, claming it shut with some G clamps. That would then also allow you to rotate the tool 90 degrees and use it vertically as my above mentioned tenon making tool. Unless you have a friend to hold the tool you'll want to weld a hardy shank to the underside of the bottom spring arm.

I would suggest only countersinking the holes on one side, then the tool can be turned/flipped either way to give you 2 different types of shoulder on your bar.

It's easy for those sorts of tools to flex out of alignment so I'd also be tempted to get it all aligned right, clamp it shut, then weld a small piece of flat stock to the bottom die so it covers the seam line, at the opposite end to the handles. That'll prevent the top die sliding over the bottom die and the holes becoming misaligned.

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11 hours ago, genesaika said:

I have a question for y'all. Could a pipe flaring tool be used for this?

The pipe flaring tools require you to secure them with wing nuts. I don't think it would work, by the time you get the stock secured it would be too cool and you probably would have several burns to boot.

A lineman's crimping tool will work for small rivets and nail heading though.


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