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Holy Xxxx! Even if everything were brand new, It doesn't seem like it would cost much more than $9200. Far to rich for my blood. He should add more pictures with better details of the power hammer if he really expects to get that kinda green for that stuff. At that level I won't even bother try to increase my bid.

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Cool! I'm really happy you bagged the collection. You are going to have a blast when you get your hands on stuff and inventory it, I know I would. Betcha you find a couple of odd 'what is it?' items that you can share with us. I look forward to seeing more photos in the future.

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From the equipment list, there are multiple's of some items that I'll probably want to pass on to other deserving smith's. Once I get the details worked out and bring it home I'll definately keep you all informed and pictures posted.

I'm so glad I held off ordering that Nimba Centurian anvil. I would not have had the money for this if I had ordered.

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