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Restoring a belt driven blower

Barry Johnson

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I have obtained a nice belt driven forge.  It is missing all the wheels, handle, and gears that hooked to the blower.  My question is, is there a place that i can obtain the missing parts from?  The brackets that held everything in place are present.

The blower works fine and the forge is in really nice shape.


Thank you in advance,



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The basic answer is NO; nobody makes parts for the forges that were built 100 years ago (save for firepots for the large ones). The only way to find parts is to find a donor forge and transplant them. (possible as a cracked pan might result in a forge being thrown out)  Most likely it would be much easier and faster and cheaper just to buy another forge in more complete condition---or figure out a method of converting that one to a different blower or method of spinning the blower.

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Depends on what's missing.  In some cases, you can find something similar and scab in the alternative piece.  As TP said, finding the original parts is tough without buying a donor..in which case you might as well buy a working donor for a couple of more bucks and skip the missing part troubles.  It all depends on what's actually missing from yours.

If you can find a brand, do a search of online images for forges from that brand and you can probably get a better handle on what parts are needed.   Then you can think out of the box as to what you might be able to adapt (for instance the belt pulley from a junked treadle sewing machine can replace the main pulley on some styles)


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