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Trial and Error Air Power Hammer

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Pimped my power hammer anvil stand today from 60 lbs to 200 lbs.  Wondering why the 55 lbs ram cause so little impact on the work piece during forging on the power hammer while the coffee cups are jangle and vibrating in the own kitchen closet ( and neighbours to), despite of filling the anvil with oil sand.

Till now ( fortunately not to long) all the energy transfer right in to the smithy foundation instead of the work piece. Finally understood the urgency of a descend contra mass and ratio between ram and anvil.

Filled the stand with stainless steel blast grit with a high density and the difference is significant.IMG_20171005_193307.thumb.jpg.79d1420c494cb57c7796177fcf8f5626.jpg

My air power hammer is an interpretation of the raw blueprint of the Larry Zoeller hammer you can find on the net and I’m very grateful for that.

However, if you, like me, try to build your own AIR power hammer please keep in mind that:

-you only take advantage of half of the stroke of the chosen air cylinder (in my case 6in instead of 12)

-you have enough air, because, air seams the most valuable running resource (two single stroke compressors 65 gallons storage on 150 psi)

-you have the possibility to get a decent ball valve foot switch to control the escaping air and ram ( still looking for this at European suppliers)

Ones you overcome this obstacles you will be very proud of the result, and nobody can take away the result of  blood sweat and tears (incl. money) it costs:)IMG_20171003_090203.thumb.jpg.879d31a20e540f326d7a790433884f3b.jpg.

Last but not least, I design my hammer as an portable tool to move/change place instead of a log static tool of compact steel of 700 lbs, by bolting parts together ………………… just in case of

Know what I’m doing this weekend, try to finish an roman axe and dagger and ready for the first Damascus packaging.

Cheers, Hans


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A filled tube is nowhere near going to have the results of a solid anvil. I would go with a minimum of a 5" round solid for an anvil on a power hammer(assuming this is a lighter air hammer version).  Filling a tube for an anvil does nothing for the mass vs. rebound. Yes it my dampen some vibration but look towards replacing you hammer anvil with a solid piece of steel.

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