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Anvil+ spray rubber?

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Are you asking about between the anvil and its stand? Or on the non-working surfaces of the anvil that are still exposed to the light of day?

In the former case, there are better options available (e.g., silicone caulk); in the latter, the minute something hot hits it (and it will. Oh, it will), it ain't gonna be smelling so good.

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You've been watching too much TV I see. :rolleyes: I don't know of anybody trying that trick, it might work let us know please. Some guys use silicone calking and like the results, spray on rubber seems like about the same thing to me but I quiet my anvils entirely differently. 

I make steel tripod stands with an angle iron rim the anvil's foot JUST slips into. The anvil is secured with angle iron tong and hammer racks that wedge between the anvil's foot and the rim. The difference in resonance between the anvils and the stands damps the ring to a clink rather than ear piercing ring. On a wood block stand the Trenton is unpleasantly loud and the Soderfors will make your ears ring through plugs and muffs. The steel stand took the pain out of both and they still have a nice anvil ring so spectators know I'm really blacksmithing. 

Go ahead and laugh but at demos the audience WANTS to hear an anvil sound like an anvil without injuring them. It's part of the theater or demonstrations. ;)

I know that was a long rambly post but I can't think of a reason not to try your spray rubber. Be sure to give it time to dry, set, cure, whatever it does to stop being spray on goop and turn into rubber or it'll glue your anvil to the stand.

Of course if you want to glue your anvil to the stand, install your anvil before the rubber cures.  In that case, I think I'd think spray each, let it set then spray one and install the anvil before the rubber sets to GLUE IT IN THE STAND.

Please keep us in the loop this might be THE thing to quiet anvils.

Frosty The Lucky.

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I vaguely remember reading someone said they used a rubber mat under their anvil when i was researching styles of stands, but i cant recall results or if this was somehow connected to the anvil or simply sitting under it. 

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