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Why Didn't I Think of That ....Simple Hold Down

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Greetings all, 

      I thought I would share a simple hold down that I designed... Works great for flat or round stock.. The offset design allows for longer stock .. Its a super beginner project and you will find it's your go to tool for many projects..  Have fun.  comments suggestion welcome .. 

Forge on and make beautiful things 






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I've got to say, this is beautiful and I love the look, but I've been having a lot of trouble getting my hammered-in hold-downs to stay put. They just keep popping out under load, which is annoying as all get-out. So far, I've been a lot happier since I switched to the motorcycle chain hold-down.

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Me; I found the top jaw of a largish pipewrench alongside the road. (When we carpooled to the SOFA meetings the gang got used to the "STOP there's a piece of metal on the side of the road...) I forged it to fit my hardy hole and drilled a hole in the shaft and welded a T handle on the top of it.  When I need it I drop it in the hardy and hook a chain with a spring on it  into the hole I drilled with the other end  mounted to the base of the anvil stand. To use pull up on the T handle and insert the steel between the jaw and the anvil.  Since you can remove the jaw and rotate it in 90 deg increments you can work with long pieces too by putting it to the side.

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