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Its a bit of an inside joke with my wife. When we first bought a M35a2, I needed a drum brake for the winch & she's much better at hunting down parts than I am. Except that she spelled it as wench instead of winch. She flat couldn't figure out why she kept getting porn as search results. 

I was almost on the ground laughing. Its been a wench ever since. 



I've been expressly forbidden from having more than 2 anvils. Under penalty of, I'd rather not mention.....

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I parted ways with the army truck. It was a maintenance hog & everything was huge, heavy, & generally expensive.  

So I got this little diamond in the rough. 

1983 cj5 

258 inline 6


Dana 300 (short tail shaft)

Dana 30 (wide track)

Amc 20 with a lunch box locker 

It wasnt running (well sorta running barely), or moving. 


In the last few weeks I've fixed most the mechanical issues.  The clutch material was rusted to both the flywheel and pressure plate.  So new clutch assembly.  Carb was flat wore out. Replaced with a new Weber 32/36. Plugs & wires. New accel coil (DUI distributor coming later). New magnaflow underneath.  New rubber (off the bronco which is dead for now). New besttop super top. Fresh gear oil all the way around (the pictures should explain why).  Some other odds & ins.  Gots to do a rear wheel bearing & seal tonight.  Also thinking & talking to a buddy about doing a 4.0l stroker to drop in it. 




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Got a new one added to the family not to long ago. 


1969 cj5. Dauntless 225 v6. T14 trans. Dana 18 t-case. Dana 27 front axle. Offset Dana 44 rear axle. 


Hadn't run in 30 years or so, but I managed to get it going again. Still gonna need a full tear down. And a ton of body work, but it's a good start. 


Would be happening sooner, but the wife decided that we needed a pair of 59 ford f100's to work on as well. 



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A local  has two 1965 Jeeps for sale. One is complete and running with the original 4 banger. Not stock, and has had some modifications done. And the second one is a rolling shell, but he has a 4.3 Vortec and auto that he also had for sale.  He was asking $7,000 , and $700. The Engine and trans with the computer $85. Looking to lighten the load before moving. No interest for me, as my 4x4 project is a 56 Imperial that I want to put on a second gen Dodge 2500, or 3500 4x4 with a Cummins and a stick. A single cab long bed is the perfect wheelbase, so no frame shortening needed.

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I really am a glutton for punishment. Bought another one. But I got pretty lucky with it. This is gonna be for "Poject 83 Abomination".


1970 Jeep cj5. Dauntless 225 v6, T-14 trans, dana 18 t-case, dana 27 up front, offset flanged dana 44 (no two piece shafts on this one) out back, has 3:73 gears & maybe a track lock in the rear. 

Runs & scoots under its own power, sorta. The carb is in need of some attention. Clutch is toast. Needs new rings & valves. Good oil pressure. A rebuild is in order. 

The drive train is going into the 83 cj5. I'm hoping to shoehorn the T-176 in place of the T-14, or go with a Saturn overdrive unit. Going to keep the 4" lift & 33"s on it currently.  New skid plates & some other small changes. 


The a bunch of the left overs will be going to the 69. Which is missing a ton of small parts as it turns out.

Doing this as I kinda put a rod through the 258 in the 83 & this on was cheap & has no title.    



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Dear All,

When I moved into our current property I found in the barn (soon to be my shop) a number of what appear to be Jeep parts.  There are 4 wheels, what appears to be a skid plate, and some kind of brace. See pics below.  They appear to be new/unused, just dusty from sitting in a horse barn for many years. I will give them to anyone who wants or can use them and who may be passing through Laramie, WY.  We are about a half mile from I-80.  I could also easily take them down to our former home in Ft. Morgan, CO (on I-76, about halfway between Denver and Nenraska) to be picked up.

Yes, I know I could probably put them on Craig's List or put an ad in the local paper and make a few bucks but I would rather avoid that hassle (and I have no idea of their value to put a fair price on them) and pass them on to my IFI family.  Also, I could use the space in the shop.

If anyone is interested please PM me.


"By hammer and hand all arts do stand."

iphone pics 10.2019 007.JPG

iphone pics 10.2019 008.JPG

iphone pics 10.2019 009.JPG

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