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Made some tongs but don't quite know if they have a specific name?

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Alright so made these now over the last few days. They are made from some 3/4 inch high tensile studs. Never doing that again by hand. Is there a specific name for them? Maybe v grove tongs. Also do feel free to let me know what could be improved. Cool with that.

Cheers David.

Hope it is alright to upload several pics as I wanted to show the steps I had to do to get them done. 


tongs making.PNG



both halves.PNG

end cut of.PNG

making tongs.PNG


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Thanks guys,

Rains could have been a wee bit longer, they are 14 inches long and hold strongly. I had cut the ends off estimating them to be what I needed. Was trying to get the ends into the forge as the force from the hammer blows kept bending the boss area. It is quite thick, but at orange heat. Could not quench the boss as I think the rods I used are made from high carbon steel and may shatter when quenched.

Got lucky and found an anvil from a JCB chisel that is on edge. But it really does make a difference having anvils on edge if the face is good.

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In general I like short reined tongs when I'm doing small stuff like blades. I also like thin "springy" reigns to hold stuff that isn't so big and heavy I use a tong ring to do the clamping force.

If I saw those at the fleamarket I'd buy them (if they were within my buy point for tongs...)

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Nice looking tongs David. Only thing I'd say is to maybe file down the sharper square edges on the reins so they will be more comfortable to use. Easier to forge out before they are riveted but a little file work will smooth them out. 

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Daswulf Cool thanks for the feedback on them. You are right and did just that on the bottom half of the tongs. Might not be obvious from the picture. The reason I am looking for some feedback is because they are my second set and need to find out if proportions are right. Well and we all love showing off a little from time to time. But from what you guys are saying they are alright. Will keep making them like that. One thing that had me stumped was the length of the rivet. Mine was to long at first and I had to grind the mushrooming sides away. Any tips welcome. 

ThomasPowers, ha yes let me know where your local flee market is. But honestly am a wee bit attached to them now after all the work :). 


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Longer tongs are a good deal for gas forges as dragon's breath is hard on the knuckles. Medium length for charcoal, again it's a radiant heat thing, and shorter for coal. To share and the tongs heat rapidly or radiant heat from the stock gets you.

Good looking tools and yes, we will keep harping about the anvil orientation. 

When are we going to see hardy tools to fit that hammer eye?

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