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Hello from Kentucky


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    My name is Josh.  I live in Louisville KY and I'm completely new to smithing.  I've been interested for several years now and done quite a bit of reading but now I want to start working. I am a woodworker by trade and enjoy using hand tools more so than power but the power tools make the money. 

I would like to eventually get to making the tools I use but I know its basics first, s hooks, bottle openers and the like. If there are any smiths near that wouldn't mind showing a new guy a few tricks it would be much appreciated. Plus I can bring the beer. I still need to build/acquire a forge.  I have a few parts that could go towards a coal one, but I'm leaning towards gas. Apples and oranges I know but trying to figure out efficient use of the space I have.



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*OUCH*  you just missed Quad-State Blacksmiths Round-Up in Western Ohio;

Looks like the contact person for the ABANA affiliate is in your next of the woods too:


Jeff Reinhardt of the Southern Indiana Meteorite Mashers would be a good person to talk with too.

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Welcome aboard Josh, glad to have you. One of the largest demographics of blacksmiths are wood workers who realized they could hammer, grind, heat treat that SPECIAL plane knife for a couple % what buying one would cost let alone having one made. Just a couple tools and they're addicted. Few things are more soul deep satisfying than using tools you made with your own hands.

Human civilization is built on or with steel, being able to take human kind's two oldest tools, something to bash with and a fire and bend steel to your will is almost better than just playing with fire and hitting things. 

It's a life long learning curve with no end, I'll bet more steel alloys were developed today than the total number that existed the turn of the last century. Enjoy the ride. Oh I almost forgot! :o We LOVE pics, anything you wouldn't want to have to explain to a 6 yr old girl or her Father are perfect.

Frosty The Lucky.

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Hello.  I am just across the river in Jeff.  I will be starting to try to learn more about smithing starting in Jan.  Give me a pm and maybe we can meetup and learn from each other.   Chuck


Mod Note: Phone number removed for security

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