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Did I Over Pay for a Vulcan?

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So I just got a Vulcan anvil and paid $300 for a 100lb anvil. I'm guessing i over paid by a bit most likely. 

It is in really good condition and looks like it was barely used at all.

I'm from Cincinnati Ohio by the way. If that helps at all.



anvil 103.jpg

anvil 104.jpg


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Nice find, it does look in great condition. There is no reason that you cannot use the Vulcan to make anything you could make on any other brand of anvil. Use it to make some money and upgrade later, or just use it as is and save the money for something else. Any block of steel can be used to make money wether is a name brand or not. Actually Vulcans are a name brand, as there were many made and sold. Use it like you stole it!!!. 

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