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Clontz tire hammer build

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Just started my Clontz hammer build. Got plans and have started building some of the weldments/assemblies. Here is the story behind this build, Dad passed away May 28th at 97 years old. He had a lot of real old metal that is really showing its age. He didnt want to give it up even though he wasnt able to do much the last several years. So after he passed I am the only one in the family that welds/fabs/blacksmiths so I inherited all his things that he cherished so much. So on this build I want to use as much of his old stuff as I can out of respect. I hope some of you guys will jump in and guide me a little on this venture. Firs thing I have of his is one of those little spare tires but it is a 15'' , the plans call for a 14'' but i cant see not being able to use this instead? Can someone steer me in the right direction if i'm wrong? 

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3 hours ago, eseemann said:

Now that is purdy! I love it. Is there a spring inside the green buffer at the linkage? If you feel like posting a video of it in operation I would not mind seeing it.

Thank you! I have a short video of it running dry. I may make a video today. Yes, the green tube is just a safety cover

for the spring in case it breaks or comes loose.  I haven't made the front guard plate for it as of yet. I found my spare tire on FleaBay for $25

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