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Trying something new Advice is welcome

Dustin A. Kellough

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Hey guys, first post on here but been reading for some time. Just built a new smallish forge and am not getting the results that I am wanting. Was hoping that I could get some tips or advice to make revisions to my forge. At the moment I am using charcoal but I am hoping to get some bituminous coal in the next couple weeks is the paycheck allows.


The box is 8in wide and 16in long.  Air holes are centered and spaced at 4in apart. Pipe is 3/4 in with 1/4in reducer flanges attached to the bottom and an end cap on the rear. I have a hose run up from the bottom from a vacuum cleaner that supplies more than enough air, (in my opinion), and I can get good heat but I must be missing something crucial cause my forge seems to get more heat than the piece that I am working on.

Any tips or quips are appreciated.


And please don't give me too much guff on the welds, I am severly new to stick welding, I went back over everything later to get good seals.






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Just finished taking the pictures, the problem I am having is the heat is building to a good point but it is heating the firebox more than the steel that I am trying to work. I am hoping that someone can give me a hand or a point in the right direction. I am going to get some fireproofing on the top, about an inch thick, to keep the base from absorbing too much heat and warping. The bricks are old but spare as I have 200 or so more to replace them with.





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As you can only hand forge about 6" of steel with out a striker or power hammer, I would not have used two tuyere, bit if you wanted a 6x12 hot spot then I would have left out the reduces plugs and gone in from the side. 

May I make a suggestion that sounds compleatly idiotic? Take thi

Use bricks to the other side of your forge table and build a forge. This and some mud will let you experiment in a medium a bit easier to modify than steel. 

Your basic fire pot will work, infact I have seen demonstration forges at the Saltfork crafts men that use a trench e single 2" tuyere in the center works, or a 3/4" one from the side (from the side you can burn charcoal or coal) the vacuumed is noisy and way to much air. Try a bathroom vent fan and some kind of air gate.

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