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Vinyl Cutter for etching???

Ross Moffett

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Ran some tests, positive etch, negative etch, and even tried a stencil/sharpie resist (didn't work as well on that last one)


Took a piece of 1095, quickly sanded up to 400 grit  used contact paper to transfer to the metal in each case

IMG_6939.thumb.JPG.52152defba29d42382dda4519e4615d7.JPGUsed a sharpie to color the left side below then peel off the vinyl to see if the sharpie would resist. Sorry, guess i missed taking a pic of that one. 

IMG_6940.thumb.JPG.526b56211d8fb445a6debe4ca6246577.JPGGot impatient while peeling off the background  and tore some of the letters off... whatever, its a proof of concept, doesnt need to be perfect. IMG_6941.thumb.JPG.7eb043ddfd5ef9c8ad421fbe57dcf678.JPGIMG_6942.thumb.JPG.bed0ed455dce13be95ebd1bf25c340f6.JPGRight out of the acid (straight ferric chloride, no dilution)IMG_6944.thumb.JPG.05cfe368483e0a8cb932817e61a6152e.JPGIMG_6945.thumb.JPG.fd6743c2419a565d488295509e63b07c.JPGpeeled the vinyl, good linesIMG_6947.thumb.JPG.a17f8af2933369011dab8d045fdd99bf.JPG

sharpie/stencil resist didnt work that well, maybe if i let it go a long time and got a good topography change and sanded over it it would work, but using the vinyl for the resist is much easier.



Takehomes, this was pretty hard to pick out the letters &/or the background at these small sizes.

I will have The Wife Unit make the letter lines thicker for this pattern. 

Set the cutter on a deeper setting if using small shapes. 

But most of all... it works!


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