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? Kanca VS Peddinghaus?.. 165#

Derek Haiges

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Anyone wanna help me Anvil shopping? I am on the market for a German style drop forged anvil. Things to consider: 1.Shape, 2.Ringing noise, 3.Name brand perception.



anvil 100.jpg

anvil 101.jpg

 Kanca    VS  Ridgid-Peddinghaus

Note: The Peddinghaus has a slightly larger working surface all around within a half inch, and $200 more.

1.) The most clear difference is the shape where the round horn meets the face. It appears the Kanca is rounded/ blended together while rigdid has more predominant edge. Does this serve any purpose, or just aesthetics?

2.) Because im forging in a residential neighborhood, i would like to keep the ringing to the minimum since blacksmiths are the only ones who dont mind the noise. If sound is vibration, does the base of either of these make a difference in terms of absorbing the vibrations? 

3.) From what i hear the peddinghaus is known for quality. Key word is "known" (in the past) but with modern material/ process are competitors just as comparable, just that your paying more for a fancy name? Im not going to let price determine my choice, just curious. 

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WHY DO YOU THINK BLACKSMITHS DON'T MIND THE NOISE? As any anvil can have it's ring muted fairly easily I would not use that as a factor to base your decision on.

What I First notice is the amount of sweet spot available; however not knowing how you plan to use it makes it impossible to know what advice to give you.  (I need a vehicle---should I get a dump truck, a 16 passenger van,  or a boat?) I would say the shape of one of those would be better for ornamental work and the other for bladework for instance.

The sharp step is very handy for some techniques.  I don't use the cutting plate for cutting on any of my anvils; but I use the 90 deg step a lot!

If money is not an issue the Peddinghaus would be what I'd go for for what *I* do.

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I have the 165# peddinghaus and I love it I've had it for almost 2 years and the face is still smooth as glass. Definitely worth the little extra money.  Buy once cry once this will last for hundreds of years easy  

You can see the anvil in the pictures these where taken the other day.  This anvil holds up to any task i've put in front of it. No chips or dents anywhere! Its truly a beast of a anvil. 

anvil 53.jpg



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On 9/11/2017 at 4:31 AM, Beardedblacksmith said:

I have the 165# peddinghaus and I love it I've had it for almost 2 years and the face is still smooth as glass.

xxx xxxx that is a beautiful anvil I want one but I just found this one for 300 bucks 


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