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Anvil identification help! "A" 3 1/2 cwt 180kg

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Hi Guys, a big hello from Manchester England!

thanks for taking the time to check out my anvil.

could anyone help identify or give me any information on this anvil? I recently bought a job lot of stakes and bought this beauty on a bit of an impulse, I just fell in love with her! 

Its only marking apart from the weight is "A". It's a 3 1/2 cwt.

i guess it may need to be identified by the shape?? 

Many info would be appreciated.

kindest regards,







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Hi Guys, thanks for coming back to me! 

Shes a big girl, I have a few Brooks anvils but they almost always say Brooks, even the later ones since Vaughan and Brooks merged.

Thomas, do you think this is cast iron with a tool steel top? Or cast steel? 

Can you advise how I tell the difference?

thanks in advance 

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If it's cast iron with a steel face a rap with a hammer will make a clank sound without ring. If it's solid cast steel a rap with a hammer will have a STRONG ring. My Soderfors cast Swedish steel, could make your ears ring through ear plugs AND muffs with a  missed blow. I mounted it on a steel tripod stand and it quieted the ring to tolerable levels. 

Frosty The Lucky.

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Hey sorry to bring up an old thread but cant help but notice I have the same anvil which I picked up near birmingham england a many years ago! mine is also painted the same red but I could never read the marks other than the A, so this is great, ive been scouring the web trying to find another one but no luck I did find something mentioning about early kohlswa anvils being "A" but I really dont know as bits are a little different to the other kohlswas out there like the step off the table and onto the bick but then im not sure if the others are quite as big as ours and maybe a different casting, either way its a sweet anvil ,been using it for years and was always impressed with how machine flat the face is. as far as I can tell the ringing test is not the be all and end all of a good anvil yes if its all solid steel it will ring more but a lot of the tone and noise is down to shape which seems to get overlooked , thinner waist anvils ring more, and thinner sections bick and heel make make more noise too! rebound is the best test imo.

anvil brother ,if you find any more info let me know!


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Ok now Im back home Ive checked mine and mine doesnt have an "A" on it but an "X" instead so I guess it isnt kohlswa. and no weight numbers I can see either, but there is remnants of a makers mark, I still believe that mine and yours are related and probably came from the same foundry maybe mine is the little brother?, any anvil gurus out there know what it is from the remnants of these marks? I found a pic of a similar one where it was listed on ebay as a brooks vaughans but the ad was not available so I couldnt check it out, the heels are normaly thicker with the brooks ones so I have no idea it is definitely cast steel with a thick face plate!






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It looks very much like a K&L or Coborn anvil. The overall shape and distinct machining marks to the edge of the face are the same as one I have, mine marked very obviously K&L, with war department broad arrow and date chisel cut into it.

A quality cast steel anvil with a very hard face, watch the edges they can chip.

Some info here    www.gracesguide.co.uk/K._and_L._Steelfounders_and_Engineers

K & L were part of the 600 group, a company that made pretty much everything including Colchester lathes.

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Many Swedish anvils...typically later model London pattern. Posting two pictures, first is someone else's Kohlswa, second is a Soderfors. 

         N.N.F.                 Beautiful, Manchester, Michigan. USA 



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Hello, sorry for bumping up an old post but I found this thread while trying to research my recently acquired anvil which I believe is the same as the one(s) in question. 

Mine is a 4 CWT / 203KG / 448lbs example. An absolute behemoth! 





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Hey Blukoo, I am sure that is too much anvil for you, I will be glad to take the burden of it off of your back.  If you live in California, or Arizona, USA, I will be glad to pick it up, no charge.

Welcome to the Forum.  If you put your general location in your profile, you might be less likely to be scammed by California krackpots, like me. ANVIL VERY PRETTY!

Robert Taylor

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