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I Forge Iron


James wirth

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Hello all i have been reading this site for several months now. I was lucky enough to receive my great grandfathers anvil and a lot of his tools.As long as i can remember i have always want to try to do blacksmithing thanks to my first visit to Williamsburg. I have just finished my brake drum forge that for now will be wood fired as i just cut down a lot of problem trees on my property.I look forward to continuing to learn for all the experience that is on this site.

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You will need to make a "chimney" (think charcoal chimney) to use wood. Wood needs to"coke" that is burn down to embers to be used as forge fuel, so you need a good pile of wood on the fire, on top of the charcoal from the wood you put on it already. 

Other alturnitives are to build a fire and transfer coals or make charcoal. 

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