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This is the first knife that I've made that I'm actually happy with. Its a simple hunting knife that I made for my friend. The knife is forged from a leaf spring and ground with a 1 x 30 which is a pain to use and an angle grinder. The handle is ivory micarta. That would not have been my first choice for handle material, but the guy I was making it for insisted on it. After the forging was done, I showed the blank to him as well and he wanted the handle to be longer than it was initially was so I welded on another half inch or so. I personally think it is too long now and out of proportion, but when I gave it to him he said it was perfect. It is hand sanded to 600 grit and then I used a finishing sponge. This is also the first knife that I am happy with the plunge lines as well, as I finally got around to using a guard/jig for that. All in all I am pretty happy with it. Please Critique.IMG_0793.thumb.JPG.cf518a8005a04599dca80865743f7d79.JPGIMG_0792.thumb.JPG.9f35bffe80f251ae17a27f3b09eef7b8.JPGIMG_0791.thumb.JPG.d4cc9a33bf07c693c55e6f3bcaa24969.JPGIMG_0790.thumb.JPG.dde2a49a505f44bea6188d58340ffe07.JPGIMG_0789.thumb.JPG.133ba900f13f8fec7e0a0b6c6d18bf8b.JPGIMG_0788.thumb.JPG.777a80a427ecc9d3166d26bc29fbdb4b.JPG

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On 9/6/2017 at 6:09 AM, Johnnyreb338 said:

I like it very clean and simple.    Only thing I see is mabey incorporate some beveling on the scales at the front where the scale and blade meet. Looks kinda square from the pic. But I still am a fan.

Yea I wasn't sure what to do with that. I really only noticed it after the handle was attached. Once again, a good learning experience.

On 9/6/2017 at 7:49 AM, JME1149 said:

Very nicely executed. One minor comment, I might have shortened up the scales just in front of the finger slot. They look a little fragile being that thin right at the cutting edge of the blade.

That was something I was also worried about. I think it should be fine, as the knife won't be experiencing any heavy use, but still. 

Thanks for the compliments and critiques guys.

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