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Another Whippit Knife


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Ok here is something I whipped out yesterday and today.  I guess ya'all can call it a  "Bowie" knife...but it looks a bit too rakish/stylish to me for a Bowie..but what do I know?? I just made the dang thing..

Anyway I got a wild hare and went with the flow as they say...All I know is that I needed website stock so...I just went with it. I guess that this one just wanted to be this way so..Who am I to complain?? It worked...at least I think it did.. The more I hammered the more it wanted to become what it became.....This happens sometimes.. Didn't want to fight it..just went with it..

Now this old boy has a 12 1/2" long  blade with a single fuller along  the spine on both sides...I swaged the clip...just because I think felt that it would look better that way....( and it seemed to work so...) ..Blade is in 1095 and L6 steel in my "Solar Storm" pattern with phosphor bronze fittings. The grip is a piece of my "fossilized Bos Taurus"  ivory and it is set with hand made phosphor bronze studs..(I got to find a ready made source for these little buggers...these guys take forever to make by hand ..geeze..)...  I tell ya'all it was a time getting the tang to the right shape to fit the grip material..the bone was a bit "weird" as far as the opening inside but I endeavored and I prevailed...all I had to do is to be a bit "creative" and all... After an hour or so of T&E I finally got it all to fit right. That and getting that fuller to curve right to match the blade profile..... THAT was a bit annoying ...Yet it all tries together (more or less)..

Still not too bad for a day and a half worth of work..I have enough of this Solar Storm bar left that I welded up for this guy  for another couple of three more decent sized blades as well!!

Ya know I think this one turned out pretty good for a old, unknown to the world, ham handed, hammer head like me that is still trying to figure this all out..


(This guy is listed for sale on mus site in case any is interested...)...




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