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Show me your Improvised Cone and Other Mandrels

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Improvised Cone mandrel (L) and real cone mandrel (R)---recent addition from the hoard; I wanted one for a while but was too cheap to buy one; as the hoard was actually free after I sold the stuff I didn't need.....    Note the improvised mandrel on the left is a penetrator tip from a ballistic missile and is STEEL and has a lovely ring!


Improvised Mandrel 2 Made from a part of a large water valve:


Improvised Cone Mandrel 3: interesting what you find at the scrapyard! (Note: no tip!)


Smaller improvised cone mandrels: From the right: cone for wire rope joint---a bolt and a couple of nuts and it fits in the hardy hole, bull pin with end forged to fit hardy hole, steel test sample---they turn a cone to check grain structure from the outside in---welded to 1" sq stock,  cone unknown, odd cone unknown.


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