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Chrome Vanadium Wrenches

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So I recently found some very old tools owned by my grandfather who was a machinist. There was a box of about 9001 crescent wrenches of various sizes stamped with "Chrome Vanadium". Basically I wanted to ask if they are dangerous to try to reforge, I have read that chrome fumes are toxic, but there was no decisive information about whether an alloy with chrome is dangerous or if its only a chrome coating that is dangerous. I don't know for sure if the wrenches are coated or alloyed with chrome, they are not rusty, but they aren't shiny like you see with most chrome coatings, they seem to have a grayish patina to them, i don't know if that helps at all.

If anyone has any insight for me i would greatly appreciate it, because i know the steel is strong and i can think of a plethora of uses for it.

I don't want to die so if there's any doubt please let me know.

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17 minutes ago, Charles R. Stevens said:

My understanding is that chrome vanadium refers to the alloy, and as we forge 6040 and 4060 all the time and they are chrome alloys. Shiny Crome wrenches are another mater

Appreciate it man, that's exactly what i wanted to know.

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